This is a virtual event 💻 with limited availability...


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This is a virtual event 💻 with limited availability...

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Securing Success: The Business Value of Human Centric Security
Wednesday 7th February | 4PM

Saepio - CS & NS & EG & KB

The Business Value of People
Centric Security 

📅 1st Feb | 🕐 4pm - 5pm |💻 Webinar


People Centric Security

What does it mean?

To us it means recognising that almost all cyber risks involve a human at some point and ensuring that we are wrapping them in security layers to protect them.

Crucially, recognising that each person in our business is different, learns in different ways and will be faced by different risks is key to reducing human risk.

During our session, we’ll be covering:

  • People centric security – what are the benefits and what does it entail
    Joe Hedegaard-Ganly, Saepio

  • Key lessons from engaging with 100k+ users in security awareness
    Nat Thomas, Saepio MSAT

  • The importance of managing human risk in email
    Jack Chapman, Egress

  • Not all identities have the same risks
    Pete Watts, CrowdStrike

  • People’s risks change, so should their access
    Andy Aplin, Netskope

 Award Winning Mentalist


The presentations will be followed by a fascinating display of human understanding on another level.

Witness impossible mind reading demonstrations, persuasion techniques and incredible predictions, and discover more about the mental faculties of the human brain.

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