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This is an in-person event 📍 with limited availability...

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This is an in-person event 📍 with limited availability...

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Securing Success: The Business Value of Human Centric Security
Wednesday 7th February | 4PM

Saepio - CS & NS & EG & KB

Key Insights & Solutions

📅 Thursday 20th June '24  | 🕐 1:30pm  
AWS Office - 60 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FD   *Please bring photo ID *

Afterwards ⚽ England Vs. Denmark at The Fable 🕐 5:00pm KO, whilst celebrating our NEW London Office! 

National Cyber Security Centre Approved Service Provider








ncsc-logo-blk'Ransomware is the number one threat facing UK businesses today' according to the National Cyber Security Centre, and last year’s developments certainly highlight the evolving nature of the threat and its increasing impact on global institutions and security at large.

Following positive signals in 2022 that the impact of ransomware was declining, in January this year an NCSC report stated 'AI is already being used in malicious cyber activity and will almost certainly increase the volume and impact of cyber attacks – including ransomware – in the near term'. They urged organisations to implement protective measures.

They were right. When Chainalysis released their annual Crypto Crime report it highlighted that ransomware gangs had come back with vengeance, seeing a 100% year on year increase in payments, totalling over $1.1billion in 2023.


The ransomware landscape is not only prolific but continually expanding.  It doesn’t discriminate, Fortune 50 or 5 employees, it’s important to be aware and prepared.

For that reason, Saepio are running an event along with CrowdStrike, Varonis and Druva, to provide insight on the latest ransomware attack techniques and provide recommendations on the steps organisations should take to protect themselves.

Come along to hear insights from Saepio experts and three leading cyber security partners at AWS offices in Holborn on 20th June, 2pm. After the presentations, we’re moving to the next door pub, for food and drinks, and to watch the Euros match between England and Denmark which kicks off at 5.00pm.



Free Insightful Takeaway


22-1Double- and triple-extortion ransomware attacks, including data exfiltration, DDoS threats, threats to release customer data, and direct contact with customers, were observed by a significant percentage of organizations. 

33Only 29% of organizations have a strict no-payment policy for ransom negotiation, while 33% decide on a case-by-case basis and 10% may pay if critical operations are affected.

44Less than half (48%) of respondents feel confident in their organization's readiness to respond to a ransomware attack.

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