AI in Cyber - Friend or Foe?

A Saepio face-to-face event.



9th November 2023 | 3pm
AWS Office, 60 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FD

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Alongside industry experts from AWS, Abnormal, CrowdStrike and Netskope, at this enlightening event we’ll be exploring how cyber attackers and defenders are using AI to compromise and protect organisations systems and data.

Our Agenda

AWS is kindly hosting at their fantastic new event space in Holborn with talks in the auditorium followed by food, drinks, demos and networking.  During the session we’ll be covering:

  • The rise of AI in Cyber - Rob Pooley, Solutions Director, Saepio and Anthony Holmes, Principal Security Strategist at AWS
  • Autonomous offensive and defensive cyber techniques:
    • Initial Access - Saepio & Dave Lomax, Head of Security Engineering at Abnormal
    • Execution - Zeki Turedi, Field CTO at CrowdStrike
    • Exfiltration - Andy Aplin, VP Solutions Engineering at Netskope
  • Operationalising AI powered defences to thwart tomorrow's attacks & Q&A - All

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