Cyber Crisis - Sink or Swim? Webinar

An interactive incident simulation promoting awareness

and preparedness


Wednesday 6th December 4pm to 5.30pm




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Avoiding cyber-attacks is always the aim, however it’s no longer a question of IF you’ll face an incident, it’s WHEN.  Making sure your organisation is able to manage incidents effectively can be the difference between a blip or a breakdown.

This session has been created to help you experience the difficult decisions your organisation will need to make in a cyber crisis situation. The thought-provoking simulation is based on real-world events and will be augmented by advice from industry experts on the importance of people, process and technology to minimise incident impact.

  • Be prepared, not scared. The importance of a well-tuned cyber incident response plan: Saepio CISO
  • Making big decisions. An anonymous interactive crisis simulation based on real-world events: Immersive Labs
  • The importance of detection and response early in the attack chain: Abnormal
  • 24x7 incident detection, automating containment and incident response experts: Rapid7



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